Win – Innovation in survey data collection

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This is the website of the WIN Research Network involving Statistics Netherlands and the department of Methodology and Statistics at Utrecht University.

The WIN project was set up in 2016 and has the goal to design and test innovative data collection strategies in social research. We are focusing on the use of mobile phones and wearable devices to improve our understanding of human behaviour. We have developed ouw own open-source smartphone app system, which is being used In the past few years we have worked on:

  • Collecting official travel data statistics using a augmented travel diary.
  • Collecting time use diary data
  • Collecting budget expenditure statistics of households.

Apart from this, we are also collaborating with the Dutch Institute for Public Health and Environment on measuring peoples physical activity using accelerometers on wearables, and have done extensive work on designing smartphone-friendly web surveys.

The WIN project consists of about 20 researchers; you can read more on them at the People page.