Win – Innovation in survey data collection


Below is a collection of working papers, theses and journal articles produced by the WIN project. Almost all of these outputs are available open access.


(2022). Pictures instead of survey questions: An experimental investigation of the feasibility of using pictures in a housing survey. JRSS:A.

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(2022). Testing the Effects of Automated Navigation in a General Population Web Survey. Methods, Data, Analysis, pp. 107-128.


(2021). Sharing Data Collected with Smartphone Sensors: Willingness, Participation, and Nonparticipation Bias. Public Opinion Quarterly, advance access.

(2021). An app-assisted travel survey in official statistics. Possibilities and challenges. Journal of Official Statistics, vol. 37, 149-170.

(2021). Understanding Willingness to Share Smartphone-Sensor Data. Public Opinion Quarterly, Volume 84, Issue 3, 725-759.

(2021). Do shorter stated survey length and inclusion of a QR code in an invitation letter lead to better response rates?. Survey Methods: insights from the field.

Toepoel, V., Luiten, A., & Zandvliet, R. (2021). Response, willingness, and data donation in a study on accelerometer possession in the general population. Survey Practice, 14(1).


(2020). Active and passive measurement in mobile surveys. The Survey Statistician, 82, 14-26.


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